Sonas Philicorda

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  • 3.79GB
  • Custom 3D modelled Kontakt interface
  • Requires full vesrion of Kontakt 5.3.0 or higher
  • Over 6000 sampled waveforms

Classic Sounds

The Sonas Philicorda is an groundbreaking Kontakt virtual instrument, created with a huge collection of multi sampled recordings from a classic Philips Philicorda electronic organ, painstakingly sampled through a vintage recording chain in a stunning boutique studio.


Powerful Effects

This remarkable virtual instrument plugin is designed to work with Kontakt 5 (full version required) and comes with 6493 sampled waveforms, a 3D modelled interface and a highly versatile collection of on board effects, from a spring reverb impulse and Leslie cabinet emulator, to full synthesiser LFO’s, filters, envelopes and chorus for those looking to take their sound further than the traditional organ. 

Painstakingly Sampled

To stay true to this classic instrument and capture the solid, full sound that the Philicorda is known for, we individually sampled each and every one of its 217 voice and octave combinations. This insane attention to detail, along with the powerful built in effects, not only faithfully replicates the true character of the original organ, but goes further to offer some extremely fat synth sounds that can be shaped into lush evolving pads, dense uplifting chords and driving basses and leads. The filter resonance and filter drive can be pushed into self-oscillation to create some wonderful harmonic effects that accentuate the rich harmonic tones of the organ beautifully.

Let’s Recap

  • Philicorda organ virtual instrument
  • Features over 6490 samples
  • Samples every vox & octave combination
  • Versatile effects including spring reverb, LFO, filters & more!
  • Custom Kontakt GUI
Add to wishlist £49.00 $59.95 ¥6222 €54.39 Click here for UNLIMITED downloads!

3 reviews

  • Dandelion

    I find it great for dowtempo but can definitely do well on other styles too Reply

  • Anonymous

    Excellent !
    Sounds so close to the original ! Reply

  • phegi

    It has the sound of my youth as i grew up with this organ so I love this instrument Unfortunately I cannot you all the keys of my midi keyboard. Reply

  • anthony lee


  • Bobryman

    Love the sounds. Takes me back to my psychedelic San Francisco Summer of Love 1967 !!! Reply