Lithium Beats by EVAC

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  • 148.3MB (Wav format)
  • Over 400 drum samples
  • 270+ MIDI grooves
  • Custom Kontakt 5 Interface
  • Sampler Instruments for Battery, EXS24 and Reason NN-XT

A Revolutionary Drum Machine

Introducing Lithium Beats, a revolutionary new drum machine for Kontakt 5, with a powerful custom interface and groove browser, over 400 expertly crafted 24 Bit drum samples from sound designer EVAC, and over 250 versatile midi grooves for a whole range of genres.


Diverse Drum Samples

The machine is built around a beatifully diverse collection of drum samples, that were created from a huge collection of over 3000 field recordings and analogue machine noises, which were then painstakingly recorded, editing and finally assembled into a stunning collection of drum kits. 

Intuitive Layout

All samples are laid out in a similar format, allowing midi grooves to be used between kits, and individual samples to be mixed and matched as desired. The midi grooves can simply be auditioned and dragged straight from Kontakt to your DAW, where you can edit them as you wish...or just create your own grooves.

Powerful Effects

Each sample has a huge range of processing options available for those who like to delve a little deeper, meaning the samples can be completely twisted beyond recognition into something totally new. There is also a powerful master effects section offering superb EQ, transient designing and tape saturation possibilies.

It's been a long time in the making, but boy was it worth it!

Let’s Recap

  • Custom Drum Machine for Kontakt
  • Huge collection of drum sounds
  • Created with field recordings and analogue machine sounds
  • Powerful built in effects
  • Requires a full version of Kontakt 5 or higher
Add to wishlist £49.00 $59.95 ¥6222 €54.39 Click here for UNLIMITED downloads!