808 // 909 Bundle

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  • Contains 2 full sample packs
  • Sampler instruments for Ableton Sampler, Kontakt, EXS24 and NN-XT

Discount Drum Machine Instruments

SAVE £29 OFF FULL PRICE! Probably the most iconic drum machines ever built, the TR808 and 909 Rhythm Composer, are now available to download in high resolution digital format, together at last!


Iconic Sounds

After years of competing against each other, with the 808's boomy kick and melodic tom toms and the 909's crunchy hi hats and thumping kick, a truce has finally been made and they can both be yours to own in this snug little bundle.

Custom Interfaces

With over 9000 24 Bit Wav samples, full presets libraries and two beautifully scripted interfaces, these fully fledged drum sequencers pay a real tribute to the original machines, and are in our opinion, the most accurate software recreations available to date. Please note, you need a full copy of Kontakt 5 to run the sequencers, although you can also use the Kontakt 4, Ableton, EXS24 and Reason NN-XT sampler instruments.

Let's Recap

  • 808 & 909 Kontakt Instrument bundle
  • Includes 2 custom Kontakt drum machines
  • Over 30% off the retail price
  • Ideal for House and Techno production
  • Requires a full copy of Kontakt 5
Add to wishlist £98.00 £69.00 $119.95 $84.18 ¥12443 ¥8761 €108.95 €76.95 Click here for UNLIMITED downloads!