Don't Shake

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Unexpected Hooks

‘Don’t Shake’ is full of low-slung seductive swagger. Inspired by the hit TV show ‘Peaky Blinders’, the lyrics roll in poetic Quentin Tarrentino style finesse. Teaming with unexpected hooks that are almost criminal in their delivery.

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Smokey Texture

Recorded at 105 Bpm by Soul singer Leo Wood, her delivery in this track is a wicked a combination of textured flow and grit. The result - some sweet vocals with a quality concept perfect for hip hop, jazz, r&b/soul, blues and more.

Full Set

The vocals have been compressed and stripped back for a natural effect, giving you the creative advantage to experiment with reverbs and delays yourself. Sampled out for you in 2 x verse and 2 x chorus with a full set of harmony, jazzy adlibs and scats.

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Add to wishlist £8.00 $9.95 ¥1016 €8.95 Click here to save 99% on this pack!
  • Dusty Jay

    Hi ! We really love this vocal, We are working hard on it ! Congratz to Leo Wood For this awsome work ! Can we have the full lyrics of vocal ? Reply