Twisted Circuits and Glitches

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  • 500MB
  • 900 Loops and Samples
  • Sampler instruments for EXS24, Ableton Sampler, Reason NNXT and Kontakt

Circuit Bent Sounds

Sound designer and music producer EVAC is back with a stunning release for Samplephonics, this time partnering up with circuit bending wizard Sam Peck at Loomis Brand Bear Whistles who kindly lent a whole load of circuit bent toys and gear for the creation of this sample library pack.


Warped Loops

Inside the sample library you will find a range of twisted and warped glitchy loops, samples and fx sounds, including 4 bar loops from tempos 100-170bpm, drums, percussion and effects one shot samples, and looped glitches for unusual playable instrument for EXS24, Ableton Sampler, Reason NNXT and Kontakt.

Intricate Detail

The level of detail in the loops and samples is a true testament to the dedication, attention to detail and raw musical talent of EVAC. Perfect for Glitch Hop, electronic cinematic compositions, House and Techno, Dubstep, IDM, Drum and Bass and anything that requires an injection of glitch!

Let's Recap

  • Huge library of glitch samples and fx
  • Created with circuit bent gear
  • Vast selection of loops and one shot sounds
  • Perfect for IDM, Techno, Glitch Hop and more!
  • Multiple file formats and sampler instruments
Add to wishlist £34.70 $42.95 ¥4406 €38.95