Music For Media

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  • 1.12GB
  • 300 Loops
  • 26 Construction Kits

Huge Sample Library

Are you a film, TV or game composer? Then dig in to this gargantuan 1.1GB sample library. This diverse collection of loops and samples is packed full of inspirational construction kit song ideas and is guaranteed to fill all your media music needs!


Expert Sound Design

Crafted by the sound design team at Ithaca audio, you can expect to hear the evolving piano lines, luscious acoustic guitars, dancing pizzicato strings, rolling live drums and the most delicate of tuned percussion, neatly organised into kits and complete with extended idents for ultimate flexibility.

Inspiring Musical Elements

Including various themed song starters and available to download in a variety of flexible file formats, this vast selection of media music loops is designed to kick start your song writing and extend your production library. Add this inspiring royalty free sample pack to your sonic arsenal today and we'll see you over the other side on the red carpet.

Let's Recap

  • Over 1.1GB of exquisite Film, TV & Video Game samples
  • Created by expert sound designers
  • Huge variety of instruments & Sounds
  • Themed construction kits
  • Multiple file formats
Add to wishlist £34.70 $42.95 ¥4406 €38.95 Click here to get UNLIMITED downloads + 70% off on Noiiz

1 review

  • Krisztian Vass

    Tasteful and a inspiring collection of construction kits. Reply

  • Mastermind

    Incredible quality of samples and great for song sparks/ starters! All of the Samplephonics libraries have such \"vibe\" and character that makes them stand out above all the rest. Truly unique!! Reply