One Shot Percussion

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  • 52MB
  • 485 One Shots
  • 77 Percussion Instruments
  • Sampler Instruments in EXS24, Kontakt and NN-XT format.

One Shot Drum Samples

This is the first sample pack in our Drum Tools series - a selection of one shot drums and sampler instruments for designing your own drum beats and percussion loops. Containing a vast selection of rare one shot percussion sounds sampled with varying degrees of veloicty hits and round robin layers, this sample library contains everything you need to create unique sounding organics drum loops.


Rare Percussion Sounds

Gary Hammond, our main percussion man, brought his entire collection of rare ethnic percussion along to the studio to record...we've never seen such a stunning collection! From well-known hand percussion such as bongos and congas to strange and experimental instruments such as the thunder drum, toy pigs and giggle sticks. All samples are provided in 24 Bit wav format and available to download and use in your music 100% royalty free. This library pack also comes with Kontakt, EXS24 and NN-XT sampler instruments.

Let's Recap

  • Highly useful one shots drum samples
  • Huge range of percussion instruments
  • Beautifully recorded
  • Variety of velocities and round robins
  • Multiple file formats and sampler instruments
Add to wishlist £14.00 $17.08 ¥1778 €15.95 Click here to get UNLIMITED downloads + 70% off on Noiiz

2 reviews

  • Anonymous

    Great sample pack full of interesting, rare, and usable sounds. Reply

  • Tommy Bradly

    Really nice for the price - a cool little selection of well recorded percussion, some classical bits like shakers and ethnic hand drums and some more interesting stuff. Reply

  • Milotook

    Good sound quality and variety. Reply

  • Flo

    These are also tuned right? Reply

    • Flo

      Got it.. yea they are that's just awesome, if i am feeling lazy these going to be so nice. Reply