Minimal DnB Drums

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  • 180.2MB
  • 112 Loops and Samples
  • 7 Construction Kits and 70 Midi files
  • Sampler Instruments for Battery, Kontakt, Reason NN-XT and EXS24

DnB Drum Samples

Introducing the 4th sample pack in our Drum Tools library, an extremely versatile sample pack containing over 100 expertly crafted Minimal Drum and Bass drum samples, organised into 7 themed drum kits.


Smartly Organised

This versatile drum toolkit features 70 full midi grooves, over 100 one shot drum samples and sampler instruments for Battery, Kontakt, EXS24 and Reason NN-XT. These sounds have been designed with the producer in mind, and are smartly organised and edited to allow you to concentrate on what is most important - making great music! All sounds are in 24 Bit Wav, and are available to download with our royalty free licence.

Let's Recap

  • Versatile Drum & Bass drum samples
  • Over 100 crisp DnB one shots
  • Midi files included
  • 7 custom drum kits
  • 24 Bit Wav download
Add to wishlist £14.00 $17.08 ¥1778 €15.95 Click here to get UNLIMITED downloads + 70% off on Noiiz

2 reviews

  • Alexander Farrar

    Unfortunately lots of the drum hits (including ALL the snare hits) are recorded wet with reverb. It would be much more useful if they were all dry - we all can put our own reverbs on as required during our own productions. This make the samples in question no for me. Reply

  • alex

    It\'s pretty good, I mostly got this to see the quality of the samples, and they are up there Reply

  • Milotook

    Good sound quality and variety. Reply