Warm Analogue House

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  • 1.7GB (Wav format)
  • 413 Loops
  • 170 One Shots
  • Sampler Instruments for Maschine, Kontakt, EXS24, NNXT, Halion, SFZ, Mach 5 and Ableton Sampler

Analogue Synth Samples

You just can't beat the warmth of analogue and this sample pack is so warm it is practically melting! Put together by talented Bristol based house music producer and hardware fiend James Fox, it contains all the elements you need to add that vintage character to your house tracks.


Inventive Sound Manipulation

Crafted using a variety of old synths and outboard gear including a Tempest drum machine, Warm Analogue House uses top-notch production and inventive manipulation and processing techniques to bring retro house sounds into the future.

Diverse Loop Library

This collection of house loops and samples is packed full of meaty kicks, iconic hat sounds, ambient pads, textural arpeggios and heavy weight basses and features the sort of natural glitches in sound and fluctuating parameters that can't be achieved with software.

Let's Recap

  • Over 1.5GB of analogue House music samples
  • Made with vintage & outboard gear
  • Creative processing
  • Massive range of synths, basses, textures and drum loops
  • Multiple file formats and sampler instruments
Add to wishlist £34.70 $42.95 ¥4406 €38.95 Click here to save 99% on this pack!