Lo-Fi Garage & Breaks

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  • 485MB (Wav format)
  • 500+ Loops & Samples
  • Sampler Instruments for EXS24, Ableton Sampler, Kontakt and Reason NN-XT

Lo-Fi Sounds

Syncopated drum rhythms, deep and soothing pads and synth lines, dark dirty basslines and all the one shot tools you need to create lo-fi, resampled 2-Step Garage and Breaks. Forget that clean in the box sound and enter the realm of crushed, resampled and downright dirty drum loops and samples.


Inspirational Material

Packed full to the brim of inspirational material, this Garage sample library is a perfect toolbox for layering rhythms, creating new loop structures and resampling musical elements to give that grainy, lo-fi sound championed by the likes of Burial and Four Tet.


The sample pack comes packaged with over 500 royalty free loops and samples, plus sampler instruments and one shots. Choose from 24 Bit Wav, Acidized Wav, Apple Loops or Rex files to download.

Let's Recap

  • Over 500 lo-Fi Garage loops & samples
  • Ideal for Garage, Breaks & House productions
  • Deep basslines, ethereal pads and inspirational melodies
  • Syncopated 2-step drums and percussion
  • Multiple file formats and sampler instruments
Add to wishlist £34.70 $42.95 ¥4406 €38.95 Click here to save 99% on this pack!