Massive Trap Presets

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  • Contains 103 presets
  • Requires Massive 1.3.0 or higher

NI Massive Presets

Love it or hate it, Trap music has certainly had a massive impact on popular music. Incorporating styles such as Hip Hop, RnB, Dubstep, Electro, Grime and Garage before churning them up and reincarnating them as a twisted interpretation of their former selves, complete with dirty 808 beats, pitchy vocals and a fistful of in-your-face-attitude.


Authentic Trap Sounds

This Trap presets library for Massive provides all the tools you need to achieve your take on the signature Trap sound, complete with 808 style bass kicks, electro patches, floor shuddering subs, crisp claps and hats, pitchy leads and stabs, riser and dive effects, chord stabs, dirty leads...and a whole lot more!

Royalty Free

These royalty free synth patches are designed to work with Native Instruments' Massive Synth, version 1.3 or higher. Simply install the library as normal, load up Massive, and set about destroying your DAW with some of the filthiest sounds it has ever had to deal with!

Let's Recap

  • Over 100 heavy hitting NI Massive patches
  • Extensive library of Trap presets
  • Expertly designed bass, leads, subs and drums
  • Full macro controls
  • Requires Massive 1.3 or higher
Add to wishlist £15.00 $18.30 ¥1905 €16.95 Click here for UNLIMITED downloads!

2 reviews

  • Robert Jackson

    I need sounds so I'm here! Reply

  • Maciej Kor

    I have spent whole night just checking what I just bought ;-) Love it.... For this price you can`t get any better not only for trap production. Reply

  • Kostas Deekee

    I gave this product 5/5 Reply