Epic Sylenth

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  • 104 presets for Sylenth, ready to load as a self contained soundbank

Sylenth Synth Patches

Epic Sylenth is a blissful collection of euphoric presets and synth patches for Sylenth, containing an expertly programmed library of soaring ethereal pads, trance inducing arpeggiators and sequencers, exhilarating leads, lush analogue basses, synthetic drums and truly ecstatic poly synths.


Insane Sounds

This synth has become not just a sensation, but a necessity. And for a very good reason...it sounds insane! With all the depth and life of an analogue classic, and the sizzle and sparkle made possible by revolutionary digital programming, Sylenth can be used to create anything from tearing Reese sounds to lush warm breakdowns to epic euphoric electronic drops!

Trance Patches

This collection of Trance VST presets/patches harnesses the true power of Sylenth, making use of all it's unique features - then turning them upside down, multiplying and spanking the living daylights out of them, until all that's left is pure ecstatic bliss.

Royalty Free

This Sylenth presets pack is available to download as a Sylenth Soundbank, with all sounds fully tagged, clearly labelled, 100% royalty free and ready to go! Download it now and take your productions to the next level.

Let's Recap

  • Over 100 exquisitely designed Sylenth VST patches
  • Blissed out pad sounds, arps and lead lines
  • Trance stabs and mellow bass tones
  • Synthesized drum sounds
  • Requires Sylenth version 2.2.1
Add to wishlist £15.00 $18.30 ¥1905 €16.95 Click here for UNLIMITED downloads!

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