FM8: Evolving Textures

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  • 664KB
  • 116 Native Instruments FM8 preset patches
  • Royalty free download
  • Requires FM8 version 1.2 of higher

Complex FM8 Presets

An incredible and inspirational collection of FM8 synth presets designed by Ithaca Audio. The level of detail and complexity in these sounds is truly stunning and should be in every sound designers and composers sound palette whether it is soundtrack, trailer, ambient, sound design or any electronic genre requiring deep, dark and unique textural sounds.


Easy Installation

Inside this FM8 presets pack you will find no less than 116 individual patches, each one complete with various effects, morphing and manipulation options and intelligently labelled and tagged for simple installation.

Atmospheric Sounds

Ithaca Audio have really taken FM8 to soaring levels with this atmospheric soundbank, allowing you to focus on making music rather than tweaking parameters until the cows come home! All sounds are 100% royalty free and ready to download. Make sure you have a full up to date copy of FM8 in order to run these synth patches.

Let's Recap

  • 116 beautifully designed FM8 synth patches
  • Complex textural sounds
  • Pefect for soundtracks, trailer music and dark Electronica
  • Requires FM8 version 1.2 or higher
  • Royalty free download
Add to wishlist £20.00 $24.40 ¥2540 €22.20 Click here for UNLIMITED downloads!