The Leeds Town Hall Organ

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  • 3.2GB compressed
  • Contains stereo wav organ note recordings and sampler instruments for Kontakt 5, Kontakt 4, Ableton Sampler, EXS24 and Reason NN-XT

An Incredible Instrument

The picture speaks for itself. Within the beautifully decorated town hall of the city of Leeds in England lies this spectacular organ, towering high into the music hall and silencing the sounds of the city with its earth shuddering, rich, harmonic tones. 


Meticulously Sampled

We spent some time with organist Dr Simon Lindley who told us all about how the instrument works, it's history and even a guided tour up in to the inside of the organ itself! Simon crafted 6 versatile presets for us and we began the painstaking process of sampling this incredible feat of engineering. Over the next few months we spent many evenings in the town hall recording every single note with multiple round robins and over 10 second note recordings to capture the true sonic character of the organ. 

Completely Free

Everyone involved in the project worked long hours and for free, so we felt that it was only right to give away the fruits of our labour and hope that the spirit of this incredible instrument could spread throughout the world and help people to craft wonderful music that moves people to do good things.

Custom Kontakt GUI

We packaged the sounds up into a custom Kontakt 5 instrument with a lovely photo of the organ in all of it's splendor, as well as sampler instruments for Kontakt 4, EXS24, Reason NN-XT and Ableton Sampler. We hope you enjoy making music and spread the word about this wonderful organ so others can too! 

Let’s Recap

  • Free Organ Virtual Instrument
  • Painstakingly sampled from a 150 year old instrument
  • Incredible sound quality
  • Includes 6 sound presets with multiple round robins
  • Sampler instrument patches for a range of instruments
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  • Anonymous

    how do i use this in sforzando? Reply

  • Anonymous

    Im new in this, i just downloaded it, but i don`t know how to install it... Reply

  • Anonymous

    This is by far one of the greatest free instruments I have seen out there. Thank you for sharing your work with the world, truly appreciated. Reply

  • Anonymous

    waste of time. didn't download right and can't download again. Reply


    This is a headache to figure out how to download. I only have part one of the files and there is no library or anything to see what you already have downloaded, and now I can't get parts 2 and 3 Reply

  • aerogene007

    then I tried to download them again, but it says "You already have this" and do not allow another download. Reply

  • AD1805138

    i cant get my download back when i delete it

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for providing this! I've able to download and install in a Yamaha MODX using SampleRobot Montage (which is free if you can find a genuine Montage serial number).

    The samples are all very clean with minimal reverb, which makes them ideal for live performances.

    For those that don't know, the Leeds organ is now undergoing restoration (as of early 2023) and so this is the only way to hear it at the moment. Reply

  • Anonymous

    Ok - I finally figured out how to install this wonderful . And it worth it.

    1. download the 3 folders

    2. put them into a new folder all together

    3. extract them individualle within the new folder using e.g winzip or similar program (google unzip rar)

    4. place the folder with the extracted new folders (dont rename) in your music folder, Kontakt folder or wherever you have your samples.

    5. in Kontakt (NOT Kontakt Player / Kontakt 7 or the like which isnt the same. It may not show "player" in the upper left corner!) you can drag and drop the file from the extracted folder 1/Sampler Instruments/Kontakt 5 Custom GUI/Leeds Town Hall Organ.

    Now you can play it. If you load it into the player version of contact it will show "DEMO". This wont be the case here.

    Enjoy and make some great music :-)

    • Anonymous

      There are no Folders only RAR data Reply

    • Barry Cap

      and extract them Reply

    • Anonymous

      where are these 3 folders? Reply

    • zakkattakk04

      Thanks a lot man :) Reply

    • Anonymous

      thanks Reply

  • Anthony Sallis

    Have been meaning to follow up for a while, but here is a piece I made with this magnificent pack

    for which I am very grateful! kind regards, Anthony Reply

  • Anonymous

    Can I use this in Fl Studio? Reply

    • Lenwë

      Yes of course, I use it in FL Studio.

      You just need Kontakt or Sforzando to load the sample library. Reply

  • Anonymous

    How can I activate the VSTi in Kontakt?
    I can't find the serial code :( Reply

    • dksellou

      Me neither Reply


    How can I re-download "Town Hall Organ" ?
    I have a message "You already have this item.

    " when download button push. Reply

    • Anonymous

      you have to go to your account / log into your account got to my products and then to freebies. there you can download it ☜(゚ヮ゚☜) Reply

  • Anonymous

    thanks a lot !! Reply

  • Anonymous

    Extraction didn't work with 7ZIP, but did with WinRAR. Select all three files then right click to extract Reply

  • Koulnis

    I think the reason that people are having trouble with Kontakt, is because the instrument was made for Kontakt 5 and not 6. Not sure how to resolve other than reopening. Reply

  • Anonymous

    best player for this seems to be sfizz. free and just works. remembers settings. way better than kontakt, at least for this lib. Reply

  • Anonymous

    Preset 1 and 2 have issues with latest plogue sforzando player. Preset 1: notes often don't work. preset 2: errors shown on load. Reply

  • Anonymous

    With thanks!
    After reading the comments I was a bit discouraged about downloading, but I gave it a try and it works fine. Many thanks for the organ sound! Reply

  • Anonymous

    My TownHallOrgan_SP.part2 is broken, I can´t dowmload this part download Reply

  • Anonymous

    how do I make this work in reaper? Reply

    • Anonymous

      Tienes que tener Kontakt 5 como VST base, luego abres la librería de Kontakt y buscas la carpeta que tiene el Órgano de Ayuntamiento, y
      lo arrastras hasta la interface Reply

  • Anonymous

    I downloaded TOWN HALL ORAGAN. But file has been broken. Reply

  • Anonymous

    Doesn't work, it says I already have this item. Even after subscribing and signing up. Reply

  • Anonymous

    thankyou Reply

  • Erick

    Can't download. Reply

  • Anonymous

    File "K_8_Pre5_D#0_RR2.wav" in the Samples/PRE5 folder is corrupted. Reply

  • Marius Horvath

    Nothing is free. Samples are working just a few minutes after that, no playable sound like I just play underwater. More minutes later, the program asks for a full Kontakt licence. At least for a free version some samples should be playable. The sample files are dissapearing,... just like that. Cannot be found anymore. At least, for a free version, some samples should be playable. Nothing just fake stuff and waisted time. Reply

    • Anonymous

      It's common knowledge when searching for Kontakt libraries that you need the full version of kontakt, this instrument is free. Don't complain that you can't use this because of your own doing, it's not their fault it's yours, it's unbelievable that something this good is free. Reply

    • Martin

      I use this beautiful instrument with a lot of joy - and it is free!
      Of course do You get only the instrument itself for free. You still need to buy a player. With demo versions of players You get restrictions in playing time. For Kontakt this is exactly 15 minutes. Same is, if using Kontakt with any other instruments from any source...
      But if You want to avoid the cost of Kontakt player licence, the organ is even provided for different players. The cheapest starts at around 80€.
      And You even have each single WAV-file available. With some knowledge and time You could even built the instrument by Your own from that... Reply

    • Anonymous

      yo Marius you dum dum Reply

  • Anonymous

    PS love the pedal and how they overlap the lower hand register. Fab Stuff - thank you sample phonics Reply

  • Ivan Muricy

    Serious problems with my download. I would like to download it again, but the site won't allow it. Reply

  • Anonymous

    the correct way to extract the files is selecting all of the .rar and right click on them and select extract files, then select the update files option. it works fine for me, nice sounds. Reply

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for your guidance Reply

  • Anonymous

    Yes. I am having problems extracting the files. Is anyone there to fix? Reply


    Well quite honestly, if you cant even prepare proper download files...just keep your crap for yourself. I´m outta here....guess I will never show up again! Reply

    • Rich Webster

      Wow. And you're a recording studio. Well quite honestly if you can't download a digital file, on what basis does your studio have any integrity? Reply

    • Anonymous

      I gues anyone else came her to waste their time too... Reply

  • Anonymous

    Had some missing files and I can't download it again so I'll try another one. Nevermind, thanks anyway Reply

  • Dennisj Decker

    The download didn't work can you please let me download it again Reply

  • Antonio Pontoriero

    Is this a demo? Every time i try using it, the instrument works for 5 minutes or so then it says it's a demo and I need to activate it for whatever - I'm using Kontakt or Komplete kontrol Reply

  • Anonymous

    How can I import these samples into a playable instrument in Hauptwerk (Version 4)? Reply

  • Anonymous

    Very cool, but why in three zipped parts? I am not sure what to do to install, as each part seems to want to overwrite the previous part. Reply

  • Abbot Michael-John Austin

    message indicates that I have already download leeds organ samples, when in fact it does not appear as a download on my computer. Help … thanks … Michael Reply

  • Акоп Шагоян

    Thanks to the authors, it sounds beautiful, incredible. I wish you good luck and prosperity Reply

  • Anonymous

    This program is the best choice as a DAW, I have been using this version in my work till now, Reply

  • Foyer

    Hey, is it possible that the third pack corrupted somehow? Both EXS24 and Kontakts doesn`t seem to work properly... which is a shame, the sound sounds MIGHTY and I would really love to work with it! thanks! Reply

  • jason_serrano

    I own a number of purchased church organs but decided to use Samplephonics Leeds Town Hall Organ for my latest project that required an organ as a lead instrument.
    You can hear the Leeds Town Hall Organ in action at

  • Alberto DB

    thank you

  • Anonymous

    It is fantastic. I just composed a little fugue with it and it sounds perfectly real, transporting me to the Town Hall. I fully thank you for giving this one for free. I browsed your webpage and there are other many interesting loops, sounds... Reply


    DOOOPE ! Big thanx at the team ! Reply

  • Thonius

    Is this a demo? Every time i try using it, the instrument works for 5 minutes or so then it says it's a demo and I need to activate it for whatever - I'm using Kontakt 6 inside reaper. Reply

    • Georg Niedermeier

      You need the full Kontakt and not Kontakt Player. Reply

    • Max Power

      It wont work with Komplete Kontrol or Ableton Live 10 Lite either. There even isnt any reference on how to activate the demo. Is purchasing the ridiculously expensive full version of Kontakt the only way to use this indefinitely? Reply

  • Anonymous

    Amazing!!! Thanks Reply

  • Derek Picard

    You are all truly awesome! Your hard work is very much appreciated. You've done more than create just an instrument, you've preserved a real piece of history that will last long after we're all gone. Simply, thank you.

    Derek Picard Reply

  • Anonymous

    Can someone please send me a link of this pack in zip format!!! I'm having trouble converting it. Thanks Reply

  • Anonymous

    Incredible - I've been looking for a high-quality pipe organ for Reason for years and this is far and away the best I've ever found. Amazing. Reply

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much! I got it loaded into Kontakt 5 very easily and it works perfectly. I had trouble automating the preset changes in FL Studio but to my utter delight found cc# automation was extremely easy to automate in Cubase. What an absolutely generous offering - and the sound is exactly what I desired from such a beautiful organ - powerful rich sound with such deep beautiful bass. It's utterly incredible! I'd happily pay if you were selling a collection of different pipe organs. Just a hint there... Reply

  • Anonymous

    Extracting the .rar files with PeaZip instead of 7-Zip fixed the missing files problem for me. It was a data error in my case when I tried it with 7-Zip. I see people are complaining that K_50_Pre3_C2_RR2.wav and K_8_Pre5_D#0_RR2.wav are missing. Here they are:


    K_8_Pre5_D#0_RR2.wav: Reply

    • Inchiquin

      Great stuff! Many thanks for that. The files were corrupted in the archives I downloaded. Reply

    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much! Reply

  • Anonymous

    Hi, (sorry for my english, i'm french lol) So... Can you explain me the install with ableton suit 9, i'm novice with this logiciel... Reply

  • Anonymous

    I downloaded this instrument on 15 Feb. 2018 (all three RARs in ONE folder), extracted only the FIRST one, moved it to my Kontakt folder after extraction, and it works without a problem. Perhaps people should learn to first READ instructions before attacking.
    I am looking for a description of each of the six presets, but don't seem to find it anywhere on this page. Is there anybody who can help me out, please? I'm not an organist, so I have no idea what the differences are among the presets. Reply


      where are the instructions?

  • Anonymous

    absolutely amazing. thank you Reply

  • Anonymous

    I am confused about which "app" to open this file with? I have it downloaded but am lost from that point onwards in regards to actually opening it up. Reply

  • Anonymous

    Hi, thanks for putting this up here. Unfortunately, I accidentally cancelled the download. When I retry it says I already have it. Is the there a way to reset this for me?

    • Anonymous

      I'd like to know also. Did you find a solution? :) Reply

    • Anonymous

      Same issue. Reply

    • Paul Freudenburg

      Try reloading the page- it eventually worked for me and I could re-download Reply

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone upload files K_50_Pre3_C2_RR2.wav and K_8_Pre5_D#0_RR2.wav ? Reply

  • Владимир Нерода

    Thanks! However, 2 wav files are missing. Reply

  • Fabs Fahrenheit

    thanks! Reply

  • Tomas Simon

    Thanks so much for this wonderful instrument. Preset 5 is my favorite by far :) Reply

  • Anonymous

    Two files missing, but great!! Reply

  • unclearchibaldroan

    Wondeful Instrument - thank you so much! Unfortunately there are two file missing - one from the Preset 3 (K_50) and one from the Preset 5 (K_8). Other than that it's gorgeous! Reply

  • Gilang M Nurfalah

    I finished extract it, and I finished to organize this and why i have mising messages when i load this kontakt library ? Reply

  • reberclark

    Everything is working just fine for me. However Parts 1, 2, and 3" seem to be the same file. Am I missing something? The instrument works perfectly. Would love to have a keyswitch or other option to program change of presets. I love this instrument - thank you so much for the free download. Reply

    • reberclark

      So in Kontakt I made an Instrument Bank and loaded all of the organ presets into it. Voila!

    • Phil Taylor

      This confused me too. I think parts 2 & 3 unpack automatically with part 1. I used WinZip for Mac. The Reason NN-XT preset files opened straightaway in Reason and I'm off... awesome. With Reason you can load each preset as a new instrument in the sequencer and have them all available at the same time :) Reply

  • sigmadelta

    Me too, what a waste of time, "you already have it"...I don't!!! Doesn't encourage ant confidence in paying for a product does it? lol.

    • Markus777

      I have the same problem "you already have it" error message. bizarre Reply

  • Anonymous

    I try to download several free instrumets but tell me "you already have this item" ...but I have´nt ... What happen?
    I Reply

    • Anonymous

      Somebody set us up the bomb. Reply

  • Mykalle

    Hi ! I need help. I absolutly need this organ !
    However, I only have Kontakt 4 and an old 2011 mac .
    How can I play with it in Maschine for exemple with a midi keyboard ?
    Playing with the .wav doesn’t work as an instrument.
    Thank you ! Reply

    • Maroxesen

      There are VST's / standalone programs that can play the instrument.

      For example, Sforzando is free, supports OS X and can play the .sfx instruments provided (although Preset 1.sfx had some problems in my expierience). Reply

  • Azad Lona


    I have a re-occuring problem with this library
    I can make projects and use it as any other library
    But if I close the project and try to re-open it for more work later, Kontakt crashes while trying to load the project giving me the message "Kontakt 5 has encountered a major problem and has been terminated"
    Any tips on how to fix it? Tried googling and contacted NI support without luck Reply

    • Anonymous

      I'm having the same problem, it's killed a project I have been working on for some time and I am not happy Reply

  • Thorsten Vieth

    Tried downloading this, but one of the parts did not download successfully. Cannot re-download as the site tells me that I already have this product. Please help, thanks! (tried the contact for already but no response). Reply

    • Paul Barrett

      Log in, go to and re-download. Reply

    • Maroxesen

      Thanks so much! Reply

  • Patrik Šikula

    I am glad amazing sounds. Super ! Thank you so much. Reply

  • Phoenikz

    For everyone Asking how to install: This is taken from the manual for another instrument and only for Kontakt, I guess, but it might help someone.

    "Please note this sample library requires a full retail version of Kontakt 5.1 or higher, and will only work for 15 minutes in the Kontakt Free Player. Please upgrade Kontakt to the latest version before installing the library.
    Once you have downloaded the separate .rar files, ensure that they are all in the same folder and then unrar the first file ‘part1.rar’ using WinRar for Windows or StuffIt Expander for Mac. The pack folder will then be extracted and you can save this anywhere on your computer.
    Please keep the internal folder structure of the sample pack the same and don’t remove or rename any of the audio files or folders. This will make loading the patches as smooth as possible.
    The pack consists of two separate Kontakt instruments, Ronroco Loops and Ronroco Multisamples. The instruments can be loaded via Kontakt’s built in browser by navigating to the Sampler Instruments folder and double clicking a .nki file." Reply

  • PeterSchwaiger

    Is there some manual on how to install this instrument for Kontakt 5... Thought being an experienced user, I can't get this running... :( Reply

  • Simon Holland

    I have used this for several months now and can't believe the quality. Absolutely amazing for a freebie. Do you plan to expand on it as a paid instrument with lower level controls (eg individual stops)? Many thanks for all the work gone into this. Reply

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful! Thank you so much! I love Samplephonics. Reply

  • Dionysos Barkas

    and how the hell do you install this?? Reply

  • Oliver_MB

    Can't extract... :( Reply

  • yuu dot

    Can't extract... Reply

    • Anonymous

      WinRAR extracted the files OK for me. Reply

    • Anonymous

      Where can i find the serialnumber of townhallorgan to upload it to kontakt? Reply