Samplephonics Random Freebie

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Over 1GB of free loops and samples!

Download 1GB+ Free Loops & Samples

Download over 1GB of free random loops and samples taken from the Samplephonics library and use 100% royalty free in your productions!

1GB+ Free Loops and Samples

  • 1GB+ Free Loops and Samples
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • 100's of Random Sounds!
Click here for UNLIMITED downloads!
  • V

    Cool Reply

  • Anonymous

    Had an issue with not being able to open this, closed the window that gave the archive password too soon =( Reply

  • 지영 김

    wOW Reply

  • christopher shick

    Hey guys having the same problem as marjin Reply

  • marijnvangerven

    there was a problem downloading the file, it says: you allready have the file?¿ i shut down my laptop while i was still downloading, and can not continue the download...

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much. It will help me a lot! Reply


    Says I already have this? If i do it is something you gave away last year or maybe even two years ago. I was excited for nothing and that is lame. Reply

    • allen russ

      yep same

  • bipolar#unit

    very cool samples Reply

  • Anonymous

    Download failed. At next attempt the site responded with "You already have this product"... Reply

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      did you checked in your download section on your computer Reply


    Thank you! :D Reply


    The email said it was a "Random Freebie", which I don't have. But it took me to "Handpicked Freebir_SP", which I already grabbed exactly a year ago.
    Any chance of getting my hands on the Random Freebie"? Reply

  • Michaelissaic

    it stopped downloaded midway of the free 30 arps

  • bipolar#unit

    nice sounding samples ... Reply

  • Anonymous

    My only recommendation is that you guys should've at least organized them by type of sound (aka drums vs. fx) Reply

  • Niraj Basrani

    Thnkx alot for the samples Reply


    Thank you. Nice one. :-) Reply

  • hutchk

    Hey Guys, tried to download the 1GB Freebie, the page changed to your demo freebies, so I started again, it then said "you already have this product", it did this to me before, round in round in circles, so I gave up on your new site. Is the old site still up and running? Sorry but can't waste like this. All the best. Using Forefox. Reply

    • J-Man Digital

      The freebie is under the freebies tab. It will show all the other freebies you've downloaded and then the random freebie will be the last one on the list. Reply

    • Rosa Tosto

      same to me Reply

    • Oswaldo Campos

      Something alike happened to me. I leave the file downloading and when returned, I found a network error message. When I try to download again, it says to me that I already have this freebie. Best regards. Reply

    • Francis Loch

      Thanks J-Man Digital. The download system is confusing as I has the same problem that it was coming up with "you already have this product". I just went to my account page clicked 'products' and then 'freebies' and was able to download it that way. Reply

    • VP Teittinen

      THANKS! This worked for me. Reply

  • Kai

    made my day :D Reply

  • Satoshi Kobayashi

    The content is the same as "30 Free Arps". I think the download link is wrong. Reply

    • mads bo jørgensen

      What Satoshi said!;-)

    • Chris Simmons

      The download page for me said 30 free arps but the zip size is 963mb and the name is randomphonics so I am assuming this is the 1GB pack. Reply

  • Gijs Luijsterburg

    I have the same problem as toolsquatch Reply


    I think it is randomly selecting from a 1 GB pile tazondecolacao. Mine because Arp loops at 64 mb. Deceptive indeed. Reply

  • tazondecolacao

    1GB of samples magically becomes to 6mb zip file... Reply