Brushed Grooves Freebie

*This product is now only available for download on Noiiz.

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  • 100% royalty free loops and samples
  • Available to all Samplephonics community members
  • Requires full version of Kontakt 5 or higher

Free Kontakt Instrument Demo

Download this free sampler instrument demo containing one fully working groove from the 'Brushed Grooves' sample library for Kontakt 5.

This sampler instrument features a custom GUI for Kontakt and includes a full on board mixer for the multitracked drums. Sync the tempo at a flick of a switch and and finialise using the on board buss processing. Alternatively, route the individual drum tracks to separate outputs and use your own effects.


Full Version Includes:

  • Over 1.2GB of brushed drum loops & samples
  • Covers a huge variety of styles
  • Expertly played and recorded
  • Custom Kontakt GUI
  • Multiple file formats
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