That’s right, the power lies within you, dear music maker! Things will never be the same. It’s a tall order for sure, but with hard work, perseverance and the will of the people, you just might change music forever.

Here’s 5 ways it could happen…

Create a new instrument

The guitar, the piano, the synthesiser, oh how you have changed the world! But what’s next? Go out there and build something, design something, program something.Hardware, software, brainware…it doesn’t matter. Create something that will revolutionise the way we interact with sound, something that will allow us to express ourselves like never before, something that will change the way we make music forever.

Create a new genre

You can’t say rock and roll didn’t change the world, that Beethoven didn’t inspire musicians for centuries to come, that Hip Hop didn’t give people a voice, that House music didn’t bring people together. Be the pioneer of a new type of music and leave a legacy for music makers for years to come. The power is within you!

Start a revolution

What is a revolution without music? A shmeshmeroosion, that’s what. Start a revolution today and you will change the music of tomorrow! Amongst other things of course. Power to the people!

Create a new way for people to listen to music

‘Back in ’t day’ (as we say here in Leeds,) there was no such thing as recorded music or electricity. Music had to be played live and with acoustic instruments or vocals. The recorded mediums changed things a lot. Suddenly music was accessible on demand and in your living room. Now with technology offering new levels of interaction, the potential for another step change in the way we listen to music is huge. Will you be the person who creates it?

Buy the worlds Media

So you’ll have to get pretty rich for this one. But if you work very very hard and save enough cash you could potentially afford to buy most of the worlds media like Apple and Spotify. Once you own the media, you can do anything you want! Starting by changing what music people are exposed to. If this does happen, we’d like to request a little less Bieber, if you would be so kind.

We’ve been Samplephonics, you’ve been amazing, goodnight!

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