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Throw away your traditional instruments.  Wood is out.. plastic is in.. Well, not quite but the development of recycled instruments could pave the way for new sounds and expressions previously unavailable to the human ear.


A new revolution of instrument design is among us where old ideas are re-interpreted using nothing more than household waste and garbage!


Spanning the globe, instrument-making skills are put to the test and documented in two inspiring documentaries, ‘The Scrapheap Orchestra’ and Paraguay’s very own ‘Landfill Harmonic’.

Below is a little teaser of what you can expect from this beautiful tale.

Cateura is an area of extreme poverty and corruption.   With a violin often costing more than a family’s home, children could only dream of experiencing real instruments.  Yet Szaran and Fabio’s return from the scrapheap one special day has given the children a glimpse of light thus forming the foundations of the widely known ‘Recycled Orchestra’.

Set to air in 2014, the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay provides an inspiring tale of hope and progression as local residents expertly craft instruments allowing children to learn the beautiful intricacies of the modern orchestra.


To the other side of the globe now.  The tale of musical rehabilitation continues with the formation of the ‘Scrapheap Orchestra’.

And what is this ludicrous task provided to a crack of team of instrument makers and designers you ask?!

“To create beautiful sounds from nothing more than waste and scrapheap items”.

Testing the pre-conceived snobbery of the Proms the Scrapheap Orchestra looks to re-define logic by performing Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture at The Albert Hall using nothing more than Clarinets made from plastic tubes and Cellos in a bathtub.  The Scrapheap Orchestra redefines the notion that rubbish is useless.

This BBC documentary follows the trials and tribulations of 11 incredibly talented and creative instrument makers on their quest to build a complete 44-piece orchestra.  In less than 12 weeks they must achieve this final goal and shock the world of classical music lovers.

scrap 2

“By reliving the past, building instruments from the start we can discover the mystery of musical sounds and how they are made”.

Although the social scenario surrounding these two places exceeds that of the 6,000 miles distance, the strength of the human spirit provides an inspired and a gripping insight into the worldwide love of music in all of it forms.

The following quote from an 11-year pupil of the Recycled Orchestra perfectly sums up this up.

“My life would be worthless without music”

Be inspired!

scrap 3