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Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you.. The EMS VCS 3 synthesiser!

Creator of the Samplephonics sample pack VCS3: Uncooperative Sequences, the ‘inherent instabilities’ have been masterfully tamed to provide sonic wonders across a range of styles, tones and mediums.

But what of this beast of a crazy synth I hear you cry?!Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 10.23.12

Well, the synth was originally designed in 1969 and was heralded as the worlds first ‘portable synth’.

No longer were composers restricted to the confines of their ‘room sized’ synthesiers, artists could now easily take their machines on tour for the bargain price of £330.

Based around 2 oscillators, an LFO, filter, ring modulator and amp envelope, the synth has been a staple in sound design houses for the last 40 years.   The nature of the beast including a lack of permanent keyboard restricts it’s musical creativity but this stunning rendition of Bach’s ‘Toccata and Fugue ‘in D Minor may convince otherwise.

With an artist background ranging from Pink Floyd to Jean michelle Jarre, King Crimson to Brian Eno and Roxy Music to The Alan Parsons Project, the synths unusual routing matrix and extreme sound set has caught the attention of many.


Used in the 2005 BBC spoof classic ‘Look Around You’, see how the VCS3 (disguised as the ‘Harrington 1200’) creates your favourite classics with the help of ‘Gilbert & Sullivans’ own DNA.. You have been warned?!

Rich – Team Samplephonics