At the core of Samplephonics is a small, hard working, passionate team, who strive to bring you the best sample libraries and music production tools from a network of composers, sound designers and music producers around the world.

Our goal is to create fresh, unique sounds, that inspire creativity and push forward the boundaries of music and sound design.

Meet The Musicians

  • David


    David founded Samplephonics in November 2011 and has grown the company into a network of talented musicians, composers and sound designers.

    These days he is mostly responsible for picking up the phone, telling people what to do and pretending to look busy. He also comes up with new product concepts, organises (and takes bad photos of) recording sessions, and makes extremely strong coffee in an attempt to increase productivity in the office.

  • Phil


    Phil takes care of programming and Kontakt scripting at Samplephonics.  He's insanely intelligent, and knows pretty much everything there is to know about everything...except how to make a sandwhich, of which he knows absolutely nothing about.

    Rumour has it that Phil once tried to create an automated sandwhich maker out of modified toaster and refrigerator components, but accidentally created the chef Heston Blumenthal.  He is not proud of this.

  • Richard


    Richard takes care of content management here at Samplephonics, and is also an accomplished drum and bass producer and recording engineer. Since joining Samplephonics he has introduced a wealth of talented new artists and musicians and engineered on some great recording sessions.

    He is known to be a bit of a joker, some might even say the 'class clown.' Sometimes the only way to keep him quiet is to lock him in a high end studio full of vintage gear, with some musicians, a rare instrument and a brief not to leave until he has sampled every articulation 100 times over.

  • James Milton

    James Milton

    James works as a programmer and developer at Samplephonics. He plays drums, produces electronic music, can do a Rubix cube in under 2 minutes and develops IOS apps. 

    He is a bit of a style guru, always coming up with new clothing concepts. His latest combination of boat shoes, tracksuit bottoms and the finest Regatta hoodie is sure to catch on soon.

  • James Hunter

    James Hunter

    James creates the sample pack cover art you see on this site, and has a great knack for making things look really cool....a true creative. 

    He comes from a background of designing for the music industry, and also has his own radio show...we can confirm that his song selection is truly excellent, and the banter well above average. 

  • Ivan Shopov

    Ivan Shopov

    Prolific composer Ivan Shopov is known by a number of different aliases, including Balkansky, Cooh and Drum Kid. Encorporating a truly diverse production style, his stealth-like infiltration of the music scene as we know it has been closely monitored by Government officials, and Simon Cowell  has issued a $1m reward for his capture, dead or alive.

    We're extremely proud to have Ivan on board at Samplephonics, keep your eyes peeled for more ground breaking sample packs and technical wizardry!

  • Matt


    Matt is our web developer, and also one of the most patient people to have walked the Earth. He puts up with David's constant layout redesign requests, as well as making sure our customers are happy and can download as much sample fodder as they need.

    He also drives a very fast motorbike and has actually broken the sound barrier three times...accidentally!